Le renforcement des organisations paysannes dans les pays en développement
Le renforcement des organisations paysannes dans les pays en développement


Mission and added value of the alliance


The mission of the AgriCord Alliance is to promote and help to build strong, democratic, inclusive and professional farmers’ organisations and cooperatives and in that way to spur development. This mission is translated in the following four strategic roles for the alliance:

  • AgriCord and the agri-agencies, being embedded in a network of farmer organizations and cooperatives, promotes the mutual support amongst farmers organizations worldwide, by advice, training and exchanges, highlighting the added value of this international farmer cooperation in the alliance’s communications.
  • Via AgriCord the agri-agencies and their constituencies are involved in strategy making and joint implementation of Farmers Fighting Poverty, as well as in the monitoring & evaluation of activities and reporting on its results.
  • AgriCord ensures the financial support for the activities with farmers’ organizations by prospecting, negotiating and managing funding contracts, as well as promoting and coordinating in one unique fundraising strategy the decentralized income earning activities of the agri-agencies in close coordination with the farmers’ organizations and cooperatives.
  • AgriCord ensures quality cooperation among agri-agencies,farmers’ organizations and cooperatives creating an environment in which learning by exchange and improvement by peer support and evaluation becomes the natural attitude.