History and Mandate

The Fert association was created in 1981. In 1984 the cereal producers, organised in the Céréaliers de France group, decided to allocate human and financial resources to an action in favour of the developing countries and to entrust the implementation to Fert. As of 2003, Fert has been a member of AgriCord, mandated by Groupe Céréaliers de France (AGPB, AGPM, ARVALIS, UNIGRAINS).


Fert supports farmers in the establishment and development of organisations that provide them with sustainable solutions to the problems they encounter in the course of their work and the defence of their interests. 

Vision and Approach

Fert respects the farmer as a free entrepreneur who takes responsibility for his own decisions.  

It helps farmers improve their working conditions, by sharing a centenary experience of initiatives and professional organisation; it is essential to act in the long term and continuity. 

Fert provides an interface between actions on the ground and the professional skills it mobilises in accordance with the needs expressed. To this end, it relies on the group of professional agricultural organisations in France and on a network of partners. 


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