Andreas Hermes Akademie


Andreas Hermes Akademie

History and Mandate

Starting as a German young farmers’ academy, the predecessor of AHA was founded in 1949. International activities began in 2006 with the training of farmer-entrepreneurs in Africa. In 2014, AHA international was established to implement a government-funded programme to strengthen farmers’ organisations in the developing world. It is mandated by DBV Deutscher BauernVerband.

Mission, Vision and Approach

AHA focuses on the individual and prioritises his/her development, striving to activate people through further education in technical, social and methodological skills. AHA's goal is the further education, organisational development and change management for individuals and their companies, for organisations and associations. 

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Andreas Hermes Akademie (AHA)
im Bildungswerk der Deutschen Landwirtschaft e.V.

Friedrichstraße 124
10117 Berlin,