Who are we?
AgriCord is a global alliance of agri-agencies

Agri-agencies are non-governmental organisations for international development cooperation with structural links to the farmers' and rural members' organisations in their home countries.

How do we work?
AgriCord manages 6 programmes to support farmers

These 6 programmes are the mainstay of our Alliance, bringing together the expertise of our 12 agri-agency members and over 500 partner organisations in 40 countries in Latin America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

What resources do we offer?
AgriCord creates knowledge as a community

Our resource space is a repository of knowledge, including articles, books and videos.

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AgriCord is the global alliance of agri agencies

AgriCord is a global alliance of agri-agencies, mandated by farmer’s organisations.
About AgriCord

We support

  • over 500 farmers’ organisations in more than 40 countries in the Global South.
  • FOs towards autonomy and acces to finance.
  • FOs in length and continuity.

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