Our Governance

Our Governance

AgriCord works with participatory governance that allows the alliance to nurture and facilitate the access to information as well as the decision-making to co-create and carry out impactful programmes and initiatives empowering FOs and farmers worldwide. 

General Assembly 

AgriCord is governed by a General Assembly composed by representatives of the member agri-agencies. Each has two delegates: one legal representative from its farmers’ constituency, and a senior staff member with managing responsibility in the agri-agency. The General Assembly meets at least once each year and is convened by the Board of Directors. 

Board of Directors 

The Board is composed by four elected representatives of the farmers organisations and three legal representatives of the agri-agencies. The Board is chaired by an elected farmer leader. Each Board member has a three-year mandate 

Currently two commissions (one on Programme and one on Audit), mandated by the Board and composed by the agri-agencies s are in place to increase the co-creation approach and ensure the quality of program implementation, and joint financial risk management.  A Strategic Partnerships and Mobilization of Resources Committee was created to boost the joint mobilization of resources to co-design processes.  

The day-to-day management is delegated to the Secretariat based in Brussels. 

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