Union des producteurs agricoles - Développement Internationale


Union des producteurs agricoles - Développement Internationale

History and Mandate

UPA Développement international (UPA DI) was founded on 8 January 1993 by the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) of Quebec. Promoting a model of "farmer-to-farmer cooperation", UPA DI has been able to take advantage of the expertise of the UPA, an institution that has been at the heart of the development of Quebec's rural environment since 1924. UPA DI joined as AgriCord member in 2003, mandated by the UPA Union des Producteurs Agricoles (Québec).

Mission, Vision and Approach

UPA DI supports the family farm as a model of sustainable agriculture by supporting democratic peasant farmer organisations, collective marketing systems for agricultural products and any other initiative that helps to shape the future of agriculture in developing countries. 

Sustainable development of agriculture means development that is economically equitable, socially just, environmentally friendly, culturally appropriate and democratically oriented and managed, offering equality opportunities for all. 

The mission of the UPA DI is based on two guiding principles: equality of opportunity and fairness, - particularly in relation to gender and age - and economic biodiversity, providing the conditions necessary for respect for the agro-environmental dimensions in a plural economy. 

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