Who we are

Our Background

AgriCord is a global alliance of agri-agencies mandated by farmers' organisations and their cooperative businesses from countries in Africa, Asia, Canada, the European Union, and Latin America.  

AgriCord was set up early 2002, after a 5-year period of gestation, and formally created in the beginning of 2003 by eight agri-agencies: AFDI (France), AGRITERRA (Netherlands), DAC (Denmark), IDACA (Japan), IVA (Belgium), FERT (France), NORGES VEL (Norway) and UPA-DI (Canada).   

Vision & Mission

The vision of Agricord is to foster the economic viability of farming activities, aimed at improving the livelihood conditions of farmers, their families and the rural communities they work and live in and strengthening the contribution of the farming community – through strong farmers’ organisations s - to tackling the global and local challenges.  

The mission of AgriCord is to promote and help to build other farmers’ organisations and cooperatives of family farmers- through peer-to-peer approach, in the long term and in a structural way, to organise family farmers in an effective, efficient, inclusive and democratic manner to spur their development. 

AgriCord builds bridges between its member agri-agencies and strategic partner farmers’ organisations. AgriCord acts also as broker between financial and implementing partners with a role to consolidate and coordinate activities and manage complex program for changemaking results for farmers. 

This mission is translated in the following four strategic roles for the alliance: 

  1. To promote the mutual support amongst farmers organisations worldwide, by advice, training and exchanges, highlighting the added value of this international farmer cooperation in the alliance’s communications.​ 
  2. To ensure financial support for the activities with farmers’ organisations by prospecting, co-designing, negotiating and managing funding contracts, as well as promoting and coordinating a common mobilisation of resources strategy in close coordination with the farmers’ organisations and cooperatives. ​ 
  3. To ensure quality cooperation among agri-agencies, farmers’ organisations and cooperatives creating an environment in which joint knowledge production, learning by exchange and improvement by peer support and self-evaluation becomes a natural attitude.  
  4. To ensure visibility and coordinate information and awareness campaigns on the above strategic roles.