Le renforcement des organisations paysannes dans les pays en développement
Le renforcement des organisations paysannes dans les pays en développement

Board of Directors

Text on the Board [from Old Website - with some adjustments]

The Board of Directors manages the business of the Association and represents the Association in all judicial and extrajudicial acts. The board is entitled to take any management acts that are not explicitly reserved to the General Assembly by law or by these mentioned in the articles of association. 

Although the members of the Board are delegates mandated by agri-agencies and/or associated member organisations, they should in their capacity as office bearer of AgriCord serve the interest of AgriCord and manage the organisation in the best possible way without privileging any party or serving the interest of the organisation that delegates them.   

The board delegates all issues related to the eligibility of projects to the Programme Committee. The Board fixes the criteria and the rules of engagement of the Programme Committee. The Unanimous decisions of the PC are transmitted to the Board for Ratification, otherwise, the conclusion of the PC will be transmitted to the BoD for decision. 



The Board of Directors ....


Composition (since xx/xx/20xx):

Afdi (France) : Laure HAMDI

Agriterra (the Netherlands) : Kees BLOKLAND

Fert (France) : Anne PANEL

Trias (Belgium) : Lode DELBARE

UPA DI (Canada) : André BEAUDOIN

SCC (Sweden) : Kajsa JOHANSSON

CSA (Belgium) : Alex DANAU




President: Piet Vanthemse

Vice presidents: Laure Hamdi & Kees Blokland

Managing director: Ignace Coussement