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FO4ACP Africa

The Farmers' Organizations for Africa, Caribeean and Pacific (FO4ACP) programme aims to increase the incomes and improve the livehoods, food and nutrition security and safety of organized smallholders and family farmers in African, Caribeean and Pacific (ACP) countries by strenghtening regional, national and local farmers' organizations (FOs).

The programme is implemented by six regional farmers' organizations, PAFO, Agricord and the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caibbean. The work closely with the national FOs, agri-agencies and sub-implementing partners in about 70 countries, with a potential outreach of over 52 million smallholder farmers. Great emphasis is put on economic services, advocacy and institutional development of the membership-based FOs. FO4ACP is built on 4 priorities :

The programme covers 5 components that promote a wide range of activities based on FOs' priorities and needs in different regions.