AgriCord is the global alliance of agri-agencies, mandated by farmers' organisations
We support over 600 farmers' organisations in more than 50 developing countries
We support FOs towards autonomy and access to finance
We support FOs in length and continuity




Deliverables as connected to capacities and functions of farmers’ organisations

Deliverables are outcomes (or sustainable results) of the support to farmers’ organisations: sustainable improved capacities to fulfill one or several of the functions of farmers’ organisations.

FO OS/ID or functions Deliverables
I. Organisational and institutional capacity development
  1. FO has solid and representative local membership base (‘representativity’)
  2. FO has systems in place, which facilitate member involvement in strategy setting and monitoring and in decisions (‘participation’)
  3. FO’s governance is transparent, accountable, and according to democratic principles (‘accountability’)
  4. FO implements policies to empower young people, women and specific groups (‘inclusiveness’)
  5. FO has well-managed, competent human resources and essential structures and facilities (‘professionalism’)
  6. FO’s financial management system is sound and transparent (‘financial sustainability’)
  7. FO has the capacity to participate formally and informally in external networks and partnerships (‘networking’) and gains capacity for participatory policy formulation and representation
  8. FO has improved the capacity to adapt its member services in changing markets and functioning environment (‘integrated services’)
II. Improved performance of FO for lobby and advocacy
  1. Joint advocacy of family farmers with relevant stakeholders
  2. Strengthened recognition and integration by relevant stakeholders of FO’s role and position in specific public policies, and value chains
III. Improved performance of FO for its economic function
  1. FO has enhanced its profitable farmer-led rural enterprises with good potential for sustainability (to provide inputs, trade, storage, processing services or financial products to its members)
  2. Improved collective services for providing inputs by the FO led enterprise
  3. Improved collective trade, processing, storage and marketing function by farmer led enterprises
  4. Relevant provision of financial services by the FO enterprise
IV. Improved performance of FO for its technical function
  1. Sustainable management and conservation of land and water
  2. Advisory, training and coaching services to members
  3. improved capacity of FOs individual members to produce and commercialise improved seeds
  4. improved access of individual members to financial products for their individual production, processing or commercialisation purpose and for insurance
  5. Improved market linkages and information on markets for individual members
V. Improved performance of FO for its function in goods of general interest
  1. Improved access to newly opened / newly accessible public land and water
  2. Improved access to social services, alphabetization and local infrastructure development or management