Farmers Fighting Poverty ASEAN - Impact Stories

About this Publication

The nine stories of this publication illustrate what farmers and their organisations are capable of when they receive support in the form of technical assistance and funds to set up and strengthen their services. They produce, innovate and steer thriving businesses. They are the central actors in the food system transformation needed at the global scale and should be invested in as such.

The Farmers Fighting Programme - ASEAN was a program for, by and with the farmers’ organisations. It was implemented in seven Southeast Asian countries during 2015–2020, and achieved tangible results, improving the lives of smallholders by strengthening their farmers’ organisations and cooperatives.

The program was built around three components:

  1. Organisational and institutional strengthening
  2. Enabling policy engagement
  3. Developing economic services.

FFP ASEAN was focused on some key challenges:

  • traceability and food safety standards
  • establishing and scaling up agri-food businesses
  • promoting sustainable production techniques
  • improving access to local and regional markets
  • mobilising private and public investment for inclusive and sustainable agricultural growth.







FFP Asean Impact Stories (2015 - 2020)
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