Instituto de Formação do Cooperativismo Solidário


Instituto de Formação do Cooperativismo Solidário

History and Mandate

Constituted in 2005, Infocos has become the leading capacity building institute for cooperatives' solidarity of economy in Brazil. The Institute attends a broad variety of training and educational demands of local cooperatives, their members, mostly family farmers, and employees, mainly present in small and medium in remote areas in Brazil. In 2014, the Cresol Institute and Unicafes mandates Infocos to form part of our Alliance as their agri-agency.

Mission and Approach

Infocos  is an organisatiom, that aims to contribute to the development of international and national partnerships for financial inclusion and development of management and governance capacity of family farming and solidarity economy organisations.

In its actions, Infocos seeks to be an instrument of strengthening of the Latin American cooperative movement through the intercooperation among the cooperative organizations of this region.

To support this mission, Infocos brings with it a rich experience of years of cooperative formation processes with women, young people, community leaders, cooperative members, directors, among other publics. There are different training programs and teaching methodologies that aligned with innovation and new technologies meet the reality of sustainable development of the cooperative movement and its commitment to the community.


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Rua Ernesto Sanderson, 101 - Industrial 85601-657 - Francisco Beltrão (Brazil)
Tel.: +46 3520-1959