Monitoring & Evaluation

Within the Project Committee, the M&E task team comprising of representatives of the agri-agencies coordinates and advises on the harmonization of procedures and to improve the efficiency of the M&E functions in “Farmers Fighting Poverty”. The M&E task team promotes coordination of the approaches of the different agri-agencies by providing working documents and by proposing joint procedures for planning, monitoring and evaluation, for country mapping, for organisational profiling, etc.

Evidence of Impact:

Every year, M&E team publishes a 'Evidence of impact' document presenting stories ‘harvested’ from farmer organisations as well as results and comments taken from formal project evaluations (both internal and external).

The stories are arranged by the four ‘work areas’ defined by the Farmers Fighting Poverty strategic framework. The material presented is qualitative and makes no claim to be exhaustive; rather the aim is to show the range of interventions that have proved successful, and to illustrate that support to farmer organisations can take many forms.

While there are attribution challenges (it can be difficult to be sure that any change for the better results from a particular intervention), it is important nonetheless, to present the genuine voice of individuals who have benefited from being members of stronger, better farmer organisations. Many of the cases show increased income for farmer organisations as well as households and increased levels of confidence reported by reviewers and the farmers themselves. Changes in the lives of women in particular do appear to show evidence of impact, as they take positions of responsibility within FOs and wider society.

Download the full reports on Evidence of Impact from Farmers Fighting Poverty: