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Friday, October 5, 2012

AgriCord supports development of effective forest producers’ associations

FAO’s Committee of Forestry (COFO) is the main annual event for the forestry sector development in the world, where all relevant governments, donors and other stakeholders participate.

In this connection, the Forest & Farm Facility, a new development programme was launched. The launch event included a panel discussion with the participation of forestry organizations in Liberia and Guatemala and the African Forest Forum and representatives from the World Bank, IUCN, IIED, IFFA and AgriCord.

In his contribution to the panel, Ignace Coussement of AgriCord highlighted the undertapped potential of farmer-to-farmer exchanges between organisations, and the complementarities between AgriCord’s Farmers Fighting Poverty programme and the new Forest & Farm Facility.

AgriCord and the Central Union of Finnish Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) have initiated cooperation with FAO in development of forest producers’ organizations already in 2009, supporting projects in Ethiopia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Nicaragua and Zambia. Experiences are summarized in a joint publication: Strength in Numbers – Effective forest producer organizations.

To download the document:

English version: Strengh in numbers

Version française: L'Union fait la force

Versión española: Fuerza en los números

Chinese/English version: Strengh in numbers/发挥有效作用的森林生产者组织



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