MTK in Zambia

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Finnish Farmers’ Union’s (MTK) weekly newspaper Maaseudun Tulevaisuus reports from Zambia


Poverty and deforestation go hand in hand in Zambia.
When there is shortage of cash, one cuts forests. Once the forests have been cut, it is even more difficult to earn money

According to FAO, the forest cover in Zambia decreases annually approximately 167 000 ha. After 50 years of intensive farming, the villagers in Lusitu have had a rude awakening. Finland has started to support the Lusitu village in their attempts to reforestate the area by promoting tree nurseries and sustainable forest management. The goal is for every household to plant 200 new trees and manage them. The villagers have realized that they are the ones to make the change. A development project has succeeded once it is no longer needed.

Read the article in Finnish Köyhyys ja metsäkato kulkevat käsi kädessä Sambiassa

Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) in Finland, June 2012

ZNFU Chairman Jervis Zimba and Executive Director Ndambo Ndambo visited a storm damage harvesting site in western Finland. Mr. Zimba said he would like to learn from the Finnish experiences in forestry and take the lessons to Zambia, since the Zambian forest owners are not organized nor are there much forest left after intensive loggings. In Zambia forests are not considered as a profitable investment and forest management such as replanting is unheard.

Read the article in Finnish Maailman talonpoikien kakkosmies myrskypuusavotalla



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