IFAD reinforces its work with farmers organisations and AgriCord.

Monday, February 27, 2012

IFAD president Kanayo Nwanze informed that consultation with farmers’ organizations is now the norm when we are formulating Country Strategies. He also underscored the positive relationship with AgriCord in his opening statement of the Farmers Forum this week celebrated in Rome.

In the two years since the last Farmers Forum, farmers’ organizations played a role in all new in 90 per cent of projects designed in that period. In the same period the direct financial support to farmers’ organisations, through grants, reached 80 national organisations in 60 countries, Nwanze informed. He concluded "We managed to mobilise significant co-financing for this direct support, in particular from the European Commission. We reinforced our collaboration  with AgriCord  to blend financial support with technical assistance."



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