AgriCord the alliance of agri-agencies
AgriCord is a network of "agri-agencies", non-governmental organisations for development cooperation with structural links to the farmers' and rural members' organisations in their home countries, including the organisations of rural women, young agrarians, cooperatives and agri-businesses.


Currently, there are 10 agri-agencies participating in AgriCord.

We Effect, Sweden

TRIAS, Belgium

FERT, France

CSA, Belgium

FFD, Finland

AsiaDHRRA, Asia

UPA DI, Canada

AFDI, France

Asprodeb, Senegal

Agriterra, The Netherlands

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Word from our President

Farmers are the world’s producers, growing the food needed for a growing global population. One of the most effective ways of increasing agricultural output - and thus raising the living standards of farmers, their families and the rural population as a whole - is to improve farming practices and build [...]
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Monitoring & Evaluation

Within the Project Committee, the M&E task team comprising of representatives of the agri-agencies coordinates and advises on the harmonization of procedures and to improve the efficiency of the M&E functions in “Farmers Fighting Poverty”. The M&E task team promotes coordination of the approaches of the different agri-agencies by providing working documents and by proposing joint procedures for planning, monitoring and evaluation, for country mapping, for organisational profiling, etc.
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Activities of farmers' organisations

Développement des filières céréalières au Kenya

Le projet vise le développement des filières céréalières en se concentrant sur les questions de services aux producteurs à l’échelle locale (au niveau de comté [...] > Read more

Empowering of small farmers towards cooperative marketing and enterprising

This is the revised project proposal as the first project proposal (6033) was rejected by Agriterra. This proposal is still not fully in line with [...] > Read more

From coffee agent to coffee exporter

Rubanga Co-operative Society Limited (Rubanga) started in early 1980s, and registered on July 10, 1986. It collapsed in 1990s and then revived in 2009. The [...] > Read more

Defining the business model and starting up the business.

In the Kisoro area the potato is one of the major crops. A new factory (Kisoro Potato Processing Industries Ltd) has been built by a [...] > Read more

Good governance and strong financial management system

After the tsunami (2004) an MOU (peace agreement) was signed between the separatists (GAM) and the local government in Aceh. This made it possible for [...] > Read more

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