About Funding

The Alliance AgriCord (the agri-agencies and associated OECD farmers’ organisations) raise funds and mobilise resources for “Farmers Fighting Poverty”, from their own membership, from other private sources, from their governments, and from intergovernmental authorities.

The funding of Farmers Fighting Poverty comes from governments (and IFAD), directly or via co-funding with funds raised by the agri-agencies and their farmers’ constituencies.

Farmers Fighting Poverty programme is a demand-driven framework. Its task and ambition is to support, in a comprehensive way, the broad range of needs of farmers’ organisations. Its budget, and the efforts of the agri-agencies to mobilise appropriate funding and advisory services, reflect these needs.

Since the start in 2007, Farmers Fighting Poverty has received support from:

- DGOS, Belgium, with Boerenbond and Trias, and with FWA and CSA
- ACDI/CIDA, Canada, with UPA and UPA DI
- Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland, with MTK
- AFD, France, with FNSEA… and Afdi, and with Céréaliers de France… and FERT
- DGIS, Netherlands, with LTO and Agriterra
- SIDA, Sweden, with LRF and SCC
- IFAD, Rome, as part of IFAD’s Farmers’ Forum process