União das Cooperativas de Agricultura Familiar e Economia Solidária do Paraná

Country: Brazil


14upc-6260 Consolidated concept of Solidary Cooperativism to multiply to other regions
Unicafes PR was funded in 2005 as an association of cooperatives from Family Farmers to use the Solidary Cooperativism as main objective to local sustainable development of family farmers of Paraná. Composed by 160 cooperatives (2014) from credit, technical assistance and commercialization branches. A decade of experiences to consolidation of the gender program, improvement of commercialization and access to market, partnership with credit expansion, close relationship of Unicafes Paraná with Unicafes National through lobby&advocacy and fundraising, included the constitution of Unicopas (organization with representation of Solidary Cooperativism on national level) demonstrated expertises accumulated over and concrete strategy to multiply the idea of Solidary Cooperativism and Unicafes states to others states. The intervention has as main focus the: - inclusion of women and youth in cooperatives and economic actvities with focus on training, representation and economy knowledge to have a gender and youth inclusion and activity participation on levels of decision and representation; - access to regional and national markets; seminars and lobby to develop productive chains of Family Farmers economy; - lobby and advocacy actions with actors from civil and governamental society resulted in approved laws, regulations and support towards the cooperatives and Family Farmers by intervation at regional, national and international level; - Facilitation and sponsor the exchange of knowledge and experiences between North and South. In function of development, specially on gender and youth.