Word from our President

Farmers are the world’s producers, growing the food needed for a growing global population. One of the most effective ways of increasing agricultural output - and thus raising the living standards of farmers, their families and the rural population as a whole - is to improve farming practices and build services to agriculture. Farmers Fighting Poverty has shown that an important contribution to this end is strengthening the organisations of farmers and growers.

Farmers across the world are keen to share expertise with and provide support to smallholders in developing countries. They are well placed to support each other because they are fully aware of the issues affecting growers throughout the world. Specifics vary, but all farmers face changing weather patterns and fluctuating markets, and they are all subject to changes in government policy and trade agreements. With this shared experience comes a strong self-help ethos.

Farmers Fighting Poverty was developed to formalise farmer-to-farmer mechanisms of support. It strengthens farmers’ organisations so they can provide better and more wide-ranging services to their members. And experience shows that the economic development brought about through the activities of dynamic farmers’ organisations has wider benefits too, including more democracy and a better deal for women.

One of the best ways of increasing agricultural output, and thus raising the living standards of farmers and their families, is to improve farming practices by strengthening organisations of farmers. The point is to make that connection. Services from farmers’ organisations are the missing link.